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How long does it take for edibles to kick in?

Adriane N Jul 19, 2022 29 min read
How long does it take for edibles to kick in?

If you're new to cannabis edibles, you probably have a lot of questions such as how long for edibles to kick in?  How can I make sure the edible kicks in as soon as possible? How long do the effects of edibles last? In this blog post, we'll answer all of your questions and give you some tips to get tipped.

What factors affect how long it takes edibles to kick in?


When it comes to cannabis-infused edibles, the effects can vary greatly depending on the person. For some people, the effects might kick in within minutes, while for others it could take a few hours. Consuming cannabis edibles by chewing up and swallowing is different than smoking it.  When you smoke, you’re getting the THC and all the other nastiness into your holy temple. With edibles, you only get the good stuff. And of course they taste better than harsh smoke! There are a few factors that can affect how long it takes for an edible to kick in:

  1. Your tolerance


If you are a regular edibles or cannabis consumer then you likely have a higher tolerance. So if you are taking a small dose you might not feel a thing or it could take longer to kick in.


If you are new to the fun world of edibles, you will likely feel the effects quicker. So stick to starting with a small dose and go up from there. *Remember, you can always take more, you can't untake them =).


  1. Type of edible consumed


Eating any kind of baked good will generally take the longest to get you baked because the THC has to start being digested before you start to feel it. Several edible products like hard chocolate and lollipops can also help with sublingual absorption (under the tongue), which results in quicker effects. The fewer ingredients, the quicker it is likely for you to feel it which is why THC gummies also have a quicker onset.

  1. How much you've eaten

This is straightforward - if you've eaten a large meal, it will likely take longer for the edible to kick in.  If you have an empty stomach the effects should come on much quicker. 

  1. How your body metabolizes cannabis

Everyone's body is different, so some people may feel the effects quicker than others or vice versa. You won’t know until you’ve tried. So give it a whirl. For those who have tried before products like gummies and chocolates hit the market, you should try again since edibles are being made more precisely with onset in mind.  You no longer have to get it from Bob down the street, unless that's what you're into. Who are we to judge?

How can I make it kick in quicker?

If you're hoping to feel the effects of an edible more quickly, there are a few things you can do:

Eat a small amount

You don’t have to be completely starving to get that edible kick quickly.  Eating small meal or snack will help the THC kick in by working on digesting the snack you’ve had with your fun time edible.

  Choose weed edibles with a high THC content

A higher THC content will usually mean that effects of the edible will be more evident quicker. This is not rocket science, when buying make sure to check out the THC levels.

Wait it out

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is simply wait it out. The effects will eventually kick in, even if it takes a little longer than you'd like. Don’t sit around and wait for something to happen, go on with the activities you planned and soon you’ll notice the effects.

How do I know when my edibles kick in?

You will know the edible hit when you can’t stop smiling or you feel a little lighter in the body. The edible experience will make you feel euphoric and your body relaxed and chill and your mind a little wandering and thoughtful.  The effect can last an hour or up to 3 hours if consuming edibles together with food.  A higher dose can also affect how long you are going to be on a happy little edible cloud.

Smoking Cannabis v. Cannabis Edibles

Smoking cannabis or vaping cannabis and THC edibles are different ways to get high and you are getting more unknown crud in your lungs doing it this way.  Consuming edibles tend to be a more gradual and sustaining high a steady euphoria in the background for a low to moderate dose and a very evident lift off for a high dose. 

Cannabis Edibles Last Longer

Cannabis edibles also last much longer than smoking cannabis.  The effects of eating edibles can last anywhere from four to eight hours (this can be amazing or crappy lol), while the effects of smoking cannabis only last for two to three hours.  Edibles are great for recreational activities because you don’t have to get all the gear together just to get some quick tokes in to get your high back on.  Feeling good and want to feel better after a couple hours on your gummy high? Chew up another one, that’s all!

Types of Edibles

There are all sorts of different types of edibles out there.  You can find gummies, brownies, chocolate bars, cookies, cakes, and more.  There are even savory options like cannabis-infused olive oil or salad dressing.  The sky is the limit when it comes to weed edibles!

The best types of edibles in my opinion are weed candies.  They are easy to digest, have standard dosing and taste duh-licious. I also like gummies because they can pack such a high amount of thc in small shapes and interesting flavors.  If gourmet THC is what you are looking for while still focusing on getting the effects quickly, chocolate is a good option.w

Do edibles make you tired?

Not unless you want it to, and that’s up to you. Since packaged edibles have the dosage amounts, you can really personalize the experience you want to have with how high a dose you take.

If you're looking for a way to relax and unwind at the end of the day, then taking an edible is the way to go.  There's nothing better than having the perfectly dosed gummy or chocolate to help you unwind at the end of a busy day and knowing you will wake up without any after-effects or feeling like you have a hangover.  Unlike alcohol you can get that relaxed and chill feeling without adding a ton of calories, staying up too late, or feeling gross when you wake up.

Of course, you can relax and take a nap if needed, depending on the amount of THC in the gummies you've chosen.

Edibles can have benefits beyond getting you high

While obviously, the main benefit of edibles is to get you high, there are several medical benefits that can be a bonus.  Some people just use edibles as a way to get those benefits without having to smoke and is a good option for those who don't want to smoke for personal or health reasons. 

Edibles provide a great way to enjoy the many benefits of cannabis without having to inhale any smoke at all.  You just chew up a tasty little treat and reap great big benefits.   People who also have other issues and are looking for relief from pain or anxiety will get awesome benefits from taking cannabis edibles.

Cannabis Edibles Are Good for Pain Relief

Cannabis edibles are great for managing pain, since edibles are metabolized and deliver the benefits steadily, so to speak. Edibles work well for chronic pain, as well as acute pain like menstrual cramps and headaches

Cannabis Edibles Can Help With Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, cannabis edibles can be a great way to find relief.  The slow and steady release of THC and other cannabinoids can help to reduce anxiety levels.

Cannabis edibles can help you relax and find relief from anxiety without the paranoia that can sometimes come with smoking cannabis.

Cannabis Edibles Are a Delicious Way to Get High

Cannabis edibles are a delightfully delicious way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. With smoking you have a lot of elements to get your dose. A lighter or vape pen is not always full enough or charged enough when you are ready to get dosed. If you have a pipe or bong, making sure it’s clean enough to get some good hits can be tricky and portability is not always the greatest.

 With edibles, you just need to worry about making them last since they are so easy to take.  Open up your package, take one or two and that’s that. With so many different types of edibles available, there's sure to be something for everyone.

Just be sure if you’re new to edibles to start with a low dose and be patient - the effects will eventually kick in!

Cannabis edibles also last much longer than smoking cannabis - the effects of eating edibles can last anywhere from four to eight hours. So if you're looking for a slow and steady high, edibles do the trick whether you are looking for fun or medical relief.

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anonymous says August 24, 2022, 12:35 pm

always make sure to keep track of when u took it! a text to a from saying eddied! will do it

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