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Tasty treats for adults

Cannabis-infused edibles delivered to your doorstep.

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A Very Spiritual Experience


Organic Ingredients

Enjoy edibles created in a chemical-free process using only the best organic ingredients.


Dependable Shipping

Skip the line. Get your edibles delivered straight to your door discretely and hassle free.


Accurate Dosages

Take pleasure knowing your edibles are individually lab tested for an incredibly accurate dosage of THC.


  • These edibles are a great way to get cannabis into your life without taking up smoking. I currently add it to my daily routine and make sure to have a couple before I sleep. I find myself waking up with much more energy.

    Emily Schromm
    • Emily Schromm
      Crossfit Coach & Athlete
  • I was encouraged to try BuudaBomb's because of the amount of stress I was putting my mind through my work schedule. After a week of having them every day, my girlfriend told me that it was the happiest, most calm I had ever been in years.

    Ben btn primaryfield
    • Ben btn primaryfield
      Speaker and Author
  • My favorites are the cookies and cream chocolates and the strawberry gummy bears. All very delicious. I use them. I like them. I support the mission!

    Andre W
    • John Widjaja

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