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Top Questions

How do I sign up?

To sign up to this website, you'll need an invite code first.

After you've obtained an invite code, you can register at

How many BuudaBomb's should I eat?

The recommended dosage for beginners is one to three gummies or one chocolate.

For more occasional cannabis users, the recommended dosage is four to six gummies, or two to three chocolates.

From our experiences serious potheads take seven to ten gummies or three to five chocolates, BUT we cannot in good conscience recommend this.

When will my package arrive?

We ship via Canada Post, and other major parcel carriers to get your BuudaBomb's to you as quickly as possible. It typically takes about 5-10 business days from when you order, and you can always track it by visiting your BuudaBomb's profile, or using the Shipping Confirmation email that we send as soon as your order heads out into the world.

Canada Post is responding to an unprecedented amount of parcel shipments due to the COVID-19 pandemic and you may experience some delays with your package. Please use the provided tracking information for the most up to date information on your package.

We're still here to support and answer any questions you may have. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

What are the risks of taking too much?

The risk of ingesting too many edibles is the same as smoking too much cannabis. You will most likely go into a weed coma and knockout for a couple of hours if you don't freak out first. But no worries, just do it somewhere safe and with people you trust and you should be good. Although there are no health dangers of taking to much, taking the right amount will ensure a good time, so try not to overdo it.

Also, we recommend taking some Vitamin C to counteract the THC.

Where do you ship?

We currently ship to all of Canada via their APO, FPO & DPO addresses.

At this time, we don't ship internationally, but we hope to sometime in the near future.

Do you offer free shipping?

Within Ontario, we offer free shipping on any order over $99. Our standard expedited option costs $7.97, but we're hoping to offer lower shipping costs to Canada in the future.

Product Questions

How long do the candy's and chocolates last before they go bad?

If kept in a cool place, they last years before they lose their potency as any gummies and chocolates do. But why store them? Take them and enjoy yourself!

Where are your products made?

All our products are made and prepared in our commercial kitchen based out of Toronto, Canada.

We take pride in each package we deliver. Our philosophy stems from our love of wholesome high quality candy and from our strong belief in the healing characteristics cannabis contains.

What is the best place to store BuudaBomb's?

The best place to store BuudaBomb's is somewhere dry and cool. We recommend a cupboard, or if you don't mind the texture you can try the fridge or freezer.

Do you test any of your products on animals?

We do not perform animal testing on any of our products, and that will never change. Some of us here in the office admittedly like to test new products on ourselves from time to time, but we promise we do that by choice! Why test on animals when we can test it on ourselves? It's more fun that way.

What's the difference between chocolates and candy's?

The main difference is taste. Gummies taste like regular gummy bears and the chocolates taste like chocolate. Although the gummies come with 10 pieces and the chocolates come with 5, the THC dosage in each bag amounts to the same.

Do you ever change your product prices?

At BuudaBomb, we strive to offer our customers the highest quality products at the best value possible by researching, manufacturing and selling our products directly to you. As we grow, we are able to produce some products more cost effectively and try to pass on some of those savings to our customers by decreasing prices. Last year, we were able to decrease our prices by finding local THC distributors without lowering the quality of our products.

Sometimes we experience an increase in price of raw ingredients and labor, but still want to continue making products that meet high quality standards. Therefore, we may need to increase prices slightly or decrease the discount we offer on larger quantities. This year we decreased the discount on larger quantities of our chocolates, while making sure that each package still costs $15 or less.

Pricing is something we take very seriously and whenever we change prices, we always do it with the intent to deliver the best quality products to our customers at the best possible value.

Order Questions

Where do you ship?

We currently ship to all of Canada via their APO, FPO & DPO addresses.

At this time, we don't ship internationally, but we hope to sometime in the near future.

How do you ship?

All packages are vacuum sealed and sprayed with a light ceramic coating, so they're odor is virtually undetectable.

If you're ordering in Canada, all orders will ship via Canada Post. You'll receive a tracking number from us in your inbox as soon as it ships!

How do I change or cancel my order?

We try to fill and send your order as quickly as possible, which may limit our ability to add items to your order or prevent a package from shipping. Definitely reach out to us with a specific request and we'll do our best to accommodate. You can reach us via email at [email protected].

What is your return policy?

We love the products we've made and we think you will too. If you find that you're unhappy for any reason, just let us know so that we can help you return your products within 30 days of receipt for a 50% refund.

I need my order fast! Can I pay for express shipping?

If for any reason you need to receive your order in fewer than 5 business days, you can expedite the processing of your order for an additional fee. In Canada, you may pay $13.50 for our Express Shipping method.

Can I send a gift from BuudaBomb's to my friends?

The fact that you're asking this question likely means that you're an exceptionally caring and classy person. You can (and should) send BuudaBomb's as a gift to your friends and loved ones. Just be sure to change your shipping address at checkout — unless you wanted to gift it to yourself, that is. You'll need to place individual orders if more than one shipping address is required.

Do you offer free shipping?

Within Canada, we offer free shipping on any order over $99. Our standard expedited option costs $7.97, but we're hoping to offer lower shipping costs to Canada in the future.

Why does my order have a shipping fee?

We contribute equally to your shipping costs on all orders, regardless of the transportation mode or location. For orders outside of Ontario, the costs are significantly higher, leaving a remainder of $7.97 or more after our contribution is applied.

We want you to know that shipping costs do not change regardless of order size (unless you select an express option). We're committed to making sure you get your BuudaBomb's on time and we're constantly looking for ways to improve the process so that we can deliver the best experience possible.

BuudaPoints Questions

What are BuudaPoints?

BuudaPoints is a royalty program designed to thank our customers for their loyalty. It allows customers to earn points that can go towards paying for purchases.

How can I earn BuudaPoints?

There are three (3) ways to earn BuudaPoints

  1. Make a purchase. (Earn 100 - 200 pts for every item in your cart)
  2. Invite your friends to (Earn 25 pts for every friend who signs up)
  3. Read and comment on a blog post. (Earn 5 pts)

Where can I see and track my points?

Once logged into your account, all of your points will be displayed in your wallet. You can also keep an eye on your points balance which is showcased in the top right corner of the site. Logged in on your mobile? Click the hamburger icon in the top left to see your balance.

How much BuudaPoints do I need to make a purchase?

100 BuudaPoints = $1. That means if your cart totals $20, you'll need 2000 BuudaPoints.

How do I make a purchase using BuudaPoints?

To complete your purchase with BuudaPoints, choose BuudaPoints as a Payment Option during Checkout.

I don’t have enough points to pay for my whole purchase. Can I use whatever points I have to reduce the cost and pay for the rest with cash?

No. You must have enough points to cover the purchase price of the product(s), including shipping and applicable taxes.

How long does it take for my points to appear in my account?

BuudaPoints appear in your account instantly for all interactions (except purchases paid using eTransfer). For all eTransfer payments, please allow 48 hours for us to accept your payment. Once your eTransfer has been accepted, your points will be updated into your account.

Can my points expire?

No, rest assured your points will never expire! Although we hope you come back and check-in often, your points will be there waiting for you, no matter how long you leave them there!

Will I earn points when I use BuudaPoints to make a purchase?

No, you can’t earn points when you use BuudaPoints to make a purchase.