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Building the company
we wish had existed.

As young, active, professionals we were looking for a health-conscious alternative to enjoy the countless benefits of cannabis without inhaling the potentially harmful toxins associated with it.

After many hazy nights of attending 420 events, we began to notice a monumental gap in the edibles market. The edibles being sold consisted of huge doses of THC, to make them as potent as possible, but didn't focus on other factors such as taste, packaging and the overall experience of cannabis.

Toronto 420

We tried many edibles and a single piece had the power to take out an entire army. And although getting high out of our minds was fun, we wanted to be able to function and do the things we loved, while at an elevated level. We wanted higher living. Not higher dosages.

That's when our pothead brains lit up, “dude, we should just make our own.”

After researching, and testing countless recipes, we finally found a formula we personally fell in love with.

Upon waking up from our weed coma, we started letting friends join in on the fun. Our friends soon started spreading the word, and people began asking us where they could buy BuudaBomb's. That's when we set up shop and began our adventure in creating, what we believe, are the best edibles on the market.

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