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Embracing The Chills: Winter Activities In Canada

Landon James Nov 14, 2023 16 min read
Embracing The Chills: Winter Activities In Canada

Winter in Canada is more than just snow and ice… well it's not. But that’s what makes Canada, Canada. 

As the Great White North transforms into a winter wonderland, there's no shortage of activities to warm your spirit. From the breathtaking landscapes of the Rockies to the busy streets of Toronto and Montreal - here's a guide to embracing the chill and making the most of the winter months in Canada.

1. Hit the Slopes:

Arguably the best thing about Canada during the winter is snowboarding. Canada has some of the best slopes and resorts. Whether you're a wanna-be pro or a first-time skier ready to eat ice, destinations like Whistler in British Columbia or Banff in Alberta offer powdery perfection with amazing views. Or if you’re in Ontario, Blue Mountain will suffice. Just don’t forget to get that hot chocolate and beaver tail. Because we all know thats the real reason we go. 

2. Lace Up Those Skates:

If you live in Canada and haven’t skated before, I honestly have to question your character… All jokes aside, skating is one of things you just do as a Canadian. Every city center has a skating rink that doubles as an ankle pooly kinda mess that doesn’t really have much use to a sane adult during the summer. But makes great for rinks during the winter months. If you have skates, put them bad boys on, call your boo, or anyone willing to go with you and hit the ice. 

3. Winter Festivals:

Canada knows how to celebrate winter in style.There are tons of festivals during the winter. If you live in Toronto, there is always something going on at Liberty Village. Yes, I am talking about that Giant Tree you've seen all your friends pose in front of during these winter months. But if you aren’t into walking around in the cold buying Christmas themed Trinkets you absolutely don’t need then check out Winterlicious. Winterlicious is Toronto's culinary celebration that offers the perfect opportunity to try foods you would otherwise break your bank for. Restaurants from all over the city offer packaged menus and deals at an affordable price. What restaurants do you ask? You have google. Stop being lazy. 

4. Northern Lights:

This is something I’ve always wanted to do. And I am being a total hypocrite right now suggesting this and not having done it myself. But dude, this is one of those bucket list things you have to fucken do. It was all over tumblr (yes I miss tumblr, don’t judge me). It most likely will be a bit of a drive but hey live a little. If you live in Ontario heres a link I found for where you can see these damn beautiful lights. 

Where to see the northern lights in Ontario | Destination Canada

5. Cozy Cabin Retreats:

The city can get a little crazy and wild during the holidays. And if you’re like me and don’t give a damn about lining malls or looking for parking spots only to buy things “half off”, it's time to get away to a cozy cabin with your boo and them fur babies. Canada's vast wilderness provides the perfect backdrop for a winter getaway and a beautiful instagram picture that your boss babe work-a-holic friends could only dream about. Whether it's a weekend in a log cabin by a frozen lake or a remote mountain chalet, embrace nature and what the man upstairs has blessed with his own hands and enjoy the simple pleasures of a hot cup of coffee and the calming crackling of the fireplace. 

6. Dog Sledding:

This ones a little out there for you thrill seekers. Have I done this? No. Should you do it? Yes.  If you aren’t lazy like me and want something adventurous to do that you can put in your hinged profile, this is the one. What is more thrilling than riding through the snow with a bunch of dogs? The crisp winter air, the sound of paws on snow, and the breathtaking scenery make for an adventure that your future love or winter fling will absolutely remember. Locations like the Yukon or Algonquin Park in Ontario offer guided tours where you can mush your way through snowy landscapes.

7. Warm Up in Hot Springs:

Contrary to popular belief, winter in Canada doesn't mean you have to stay cold. Unwind and relax in the soothing embrace of natural hot springs. Places like the Banff Upper Hot Springs in Alberta or the Scandinave Spa in Whistler provide the perfect blend of chilly surroundings and warm, therapeutic waters. And if you don’t care for natural hot springs and would rather something a little closer, there are some dope outdoor spas at Blue Mountain Resorts in Ontario and some crazy extravagant ones in Montreal. 

If you can’t see yourself liking not 1 of these suggestions then, you my friend, should reconsider moving to a warmer climate. Because what makes Canada great are the winters. Winter is when Canada is Canada unlike anywhere else. So get your ass up, get your ass dressed and go make some damn memories. Oh and don’t forget to pack some Buudabombs with you. Because everything, including winter activities, is better on Buudabombs

Stay safe, yall. Landon signing out.

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